WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Do your job responsibilities fall into any of the following categories? If so, our Contract Management course may be right for you. Project Managers (Yards and Owners) Contract Managers & Specialists New building Shipyards & Repair Yards Fleet Managers Shipyard General Managers Financial Managers (Yards and Owners) Ship Conversion Specialists Naval Architects & Marine Surveyors Ferry Operators (Public & Private) Naval Shipyards Owner's Representatives On-Site Representatives Major Equipment Vendors Marine Superintendents Consultants & Attorneys LESSONS LEARNED - NOT THEORETICAL This program is based on actual lessons learned – not some theoretical course on contract management. It bears of lot of “scar tissue” from maritime contractual disasters. It is designed for project management staff who handle day-to-day relations with the other party persons who form contracts and specifications senior managers who monitor contract-related resources and cash flow Shipping being a global industry, and the fact that the shipbuilding takes a long-time span, and the manufacture might take place in multiple locations under different jurisdictions; all of these, and more, contribute to contractual disputes and complexities. This course captures the entire process of contract management, from signing of the contract to its delivery. Course Curriculum: Contract and Project Management Contract for Ship Construction Understanding the shipyard work process Procurement and Production management in shipbuilding Shipbuilding and utilization of Labor Project Management Commissioning and Sea Trials Risk Management and Case studies of contracts gone wrong

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